Eating Chinese Health What are the most common types of drug tests?

What are the most common types of drug tests?

You cannot work on a plan to help you pass a drug test if you do not know the type of drug test you would be subject to. If you had taken drugs over a month ago and you have a test coming up you should still be careful. There are some drugs that can leave their traces in the body for several days or even a month or more. Whether it is for a drug test that your employer is conducting or any other situation you should be aware of the various methods used to look for drug traces in the body. For every piece of information, you might need on drug tests and other products visit Ouchclub.

A urine test might be the most common type of drug tests spoken about. There are many other methods too –

Urine test

Residues of the drugs can be easily spotted in urine. This is the cheapest way to test for the presence of drugs and also known to be the most commonly used options. So you would be able to find numerous products that can be useful to help you clear a urine drug test.

Blood test

For better accuracy blood test might be conducted. This makes it easy to find the type of drug in the system and the composition. This data can then be used to calculate when the drug was consumed as well.

Sweat test

There are sweat patches used to study the sweat which is also known to contain the drugs if present in the system.

Hair follicle test In most cases, the hair follicles are ignored. Sometimes even the traces that cannot be found in the blood or urine can be found by identifying the deposited metabolites found on the hair follicles and scalp tissues. This can be a long process but an accurate one.