Eating Chinese Health Top Causes of Foot Pain and Best Options for Treatment

Top Causes of Foot Pain and Best Options for Treatment

Foot pain is a common condition as it functions as a cushion and shock absorbers, supporting the entire body weight. Feet comprise a lot of bones, tissues and ligament and disruption of any of these structures due to stress or injury may result in restricted mobility.

Common causes:

•    Osteoarthritis most commonly results in foot pain, stiffness, inflammation and limited mobility. Age and accidents account for the onset of osteoarthritis.

•    Plantar fasciitis is a severe form of foot pain one can experience while making the first step in the morning. The swelling of tissue between heels and toe bone leads to the condition. Athletes, like runners, are more susceptible to chronic injury.

•    Turf toe is a painful condition caused as a result of sprain at the toe. It predominantly occurs while involving in sports like soccer. Toe cramping would be there, and pain is experienced while running and walking at a rapid pace.

•    Fewer painful conditions are inherited accompanied by unpleasant symptoms like the widening of feet and the occurrence of bumps at the base of the toe.

Possible treatments:

Anything and Everything can be treated effectively with the advent of newer medications and medical advancements. Depending on the severity of the foot pain, one or more of the following treatments can be carried out.

•    Enough rest and applying ice packs over the swollen area many times a day can ease the symptoms and pain and helps one to get back to normal gradually.

•    Orthopedics prescribes padded socks to prevent the further damage of heel tissues in certain conditions. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines prevent a flare up and reduce pain and swelling appreciably.

•    If everything else fails, one needs to go under the knife, to ward off debris, realign toes and to replace joints. lists out the feasible options for treating foot pain.