Eating Chinese Health Top 10 Easy And Tasty Ways To Sneak Vegetables Into Your Children’s Food

Top 10 Easy And Tasty Ways To Sneak Vegetables Into Your Children’s Food

Children love to play games, and you can buy different toys for your kids from Doodle buckets.  However, most of the children engage in playing games rather than eating. Children behavior are peculiar, and they often try to be specific in eating avoiding many items in their meals.  They are very particular about their meals, and when we serve them with the other things, they will eat only they like and leave the other veggies on the plate itself.  Most of the children are a picky eater, and they avoid the other items in their dish.

Are you a struggling mom of these picky eaters?

Do you want your child to be healthy and robust?

Do you think about the ways to sneak out the vegetables into your children’s food?

Here are the few dishes for you to ponder;

•    Veg Pizzas prepared at home is the natural and tasty food.  Your children will love to eat when you cook the pizza base with the wheat dough stuffed with vegetables on the top.  If your child likes cheese, sprinkle the grated cheese on the top and serve it.

•    Macaroni with cheese is also one among the tasty food where you can add few veggies along with macaroni.

•    Prepare a Veggie Pasta for your child.  It is one of the best ways to make your child to eat the veggie he will never touch on his plate.

•    Make a veggie smoothie like carrot, avocado, spinach etc.and make a combination of fruit and a vegetable smoothie to give a different taste and flavor.

•    Try to explore new recipe by adding vegetables, different flavors like ginger garlic paste to the noodles.  Noodles are one of the favorite food for most of the children.  You can add a few vegetables like grated carrot, beans to the noodles so that they will eat those vegetables too.

•    Mix any plant with the mashed potato and make a veg ball fry.  It is one of the excellent snacks for your child.

•    If your child likes pancakes, prepare a veggie pancake for your child with different vegetable each time.

•    You can make a veg burger of your choice and your child love to eat it.

•    Egg omelet is the best medium to stuff some veggies.  Try it in different ways and flavors.

•    Veg sandwiches along with grated cheese and food are also one of the ways to make your child fall in love with veggies.