Month: March 2019

Five Simple Makeup Tips for Healthy Skin

Get more info here on five simple makeup tips for healthy skin:

1.    Oil Massage:  When one is planning to put make-up, it is good to have oil massage a night before.  Taking a spoonful of coconut or olive oil and applying it in a circular motion on the face will do.  This will minimize the drying of skin due to cosmetic usage. 

2.    Fruit pack:  Fruits can nourish the skin.  They make the skin soft and silky to touch.  A fruit pack on the face can remove dark spots.  It gives an even and good skin tone.  Having a fruit pack will make one look gorgeous even on simple makeup.

3.    Scrub and Yogurt:  Many women use harsh chemicals to remove the makeup.  This will eventually lead to skin inflammation and dryness.  One should always use a gentle cleanser for removing the makeup.  Skin contains pores.  Only through these pores, the skin breathes.  When this breathing process is affected, skin gets damaged.  When one goes out in pollution, oil and dirt get deposited on these pores.  Dirt blocks the pores.  This makes breathing difficult for the skin.  The accumulated dirt can cause infection and acne.  So, it becomes vital to clean the pores.  A good scrub can clean the pores thoroughly.  Applying yogurt also helps in this process.

4.    Moisturizer:  Skin faces the risk of dryness.  Harsh weather, body heat, wrong cosmetics, etc. can make the skin itchy and dry.  Dry skin develops inflammation and allergy.  It does not look good.  Hence applying a moisturizing cream every night will keep the skin hydrated.  Regular care will keep the nature of skin shining.  A simple makeup will look too good when the skin is healthy. 

5.    Sunscreen:  Apply sunscreen lotion on hands and face which are exposed to the sun.  This should be applied finally after completion of the makeup.  This final coat will protect the skin from UV rays of the sun.

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How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

You would have put on lot effort to lose weight by exercising regularly and controlling your diet. However, you might face a problem once you achieve weight loss. Rather than a toned body, you will be having bulges and bumps of loose skin.  However, there’s an easy solution for removing the loose skin.  You can undergo surgery to get a toned and lean body. Check out to get information about the best hospitals and clinics that can perform this surgery.  If you don’t wish to undergo surgery immediately, you could try out the natural ways through which you could tighten the skin. Below mentioned are few of them.

Quit smoking- If you wish to have healthy and glowing skin, the first thing you should do is quit smoking. Smoking will ruin the surface.  Many studies have conducted wherein it was proved that the biological age of the people who smoked is nine years older than the chronological age. The study was conducted after looking into the presence of pigmentation, vascular, elasticity, texture, brightness and lines in the skin.

Eat much protein- Protein rich diet is always associated with youthful appearance and skin health. Low protein intake will affect the skin and makes it more prone to poor elasticity, wrinkles, and dryness.

Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet- Eating vegetables and fruits improve one’s health. Research has clearly stated that people who eat a balanced diet lead an illness-free life. Skin will reflect your inner health.  Daily consumption of vegetables and fruits will help in having toned, beautiful skin.

Fish oil- It has got many health benefits, and one of them is improving the elasticity of the skin. You could witness the results in the first three months. However, ensure that you buy good quality fish oil supplement. …

8 Ways Stress Can Mess with Your Workouts

A stressful day makes the individual fatigue and tired both physically and mentally.  You would have noticed that when you feel tired mentally, you feel tired physically too.  Your mental setup, your brain, and the physical setup, your organs are closely interconnected with each other.  The mind plays an active role which instructs the various organs and glands to perform its functions.  Only when these organs and glands receive a signal from the brain, it starts its activities.  When the mind is about to drain, then there will be no possibility to send the messages.  It naturally leads to physical tiredness.

In most of the cases, the brain getting drained due to increased stress levels. Doing a physical workout may shape your day with ease and energetic, but make a fuss of your physical activity is may be due to several factors caused due to stress.  Increase in the stress level may bring in unwelcomed health hazards especially obesity, diabetes and an increase in blood pressure. 

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Here are the primary ways how stress can mess with your workouts;

•    You have planned a complete day workout, and you try to accomplish things as per the schedule.  Increase in stress or crisis at your workplace may hinder your perfect timing for the day, and you will not find time to do your physical workouts.

•    Stress inhibits your mood and delays the recovery period to resume your activities.  Even you have taken such a long recovery time to continue your operations after experiencing too much pressure and stress.

•    All these days, you were in a run cycle systematically doing all your actions and maintaining your health and weight standard.  However, an increase in stress level may ruin all these in a single shot; make you lose everything you have gained so far.

•    A physical workout helps in reducing the excess weight whereas the increase in stress level boosts the body to gain weight gradually.  Thus it prevents in losing weight.

•    It also slows down your fitness, making you dull and sedentary.

•    It also causes poor circulation, poor memory and lowers concentration.

•    It also demotivates the individual to a greater extent making him slow and inactive.

•    It also brings in too many health disorders which are not at all a good sign.

To be more active and energetic, try to overcome the increased stress level by approaching it positively by indulging in intense physical workouts, yoga, and meditation.…

Top Causes of Foot Pain and Best Options for Treatment

Foot pain is a common condition as it functions as a cushion and shock absorbers, supporting the entire body weight. Feet comprise a lot of bones, tissues and ligament and disruption of any of these structures due to stress or injury may result in restricted mobility.

Common causes:

•    Osteoarthritis most commonly results in foot pain, stiffness, inflammation and limited mobility. Age and accidents account for the onset of osteoarthritis.

•    Plantar fasciitis is a severe form of foot pain one can experience while making the first step in the morning. The swelling of tissue between heels and toe bone leads to the condition. Athletes, like runners, are more susceptible to chronic injury.

•    Turf toe is a painful condition caused as a result of sprain at the toe. It predominantly occurs while involving in sports like soccer. Toe cramping would be there, and pain is experienced while running and walking at a rapid pace.

•    Fewer painful conditions are inherited accompanied by unpleasant symptoms like the widening of feet and the occurrence of bumps at the base of the toe.

Possible treatments:

Anything and Everything can be treated effectively with the advent of newer medications and medical advancements. Depending on the severity of the foot pain, one or more of the following treatments can be carried out.

•    Enough rest and applying ice packs over the swollen area many times a day can ease the symptoms and pain and helps one to get back to normal gradually.

•    Orthopedics prescribes padded socks to prevent the further damage of heel tissues in certain conditions. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines prevent a flare up and reduce pain and swelling appreciably.

•    If everything else fails, one needs to go under the knife, to ward off debris, realign toes and to replace joints. lists out the feasible options for treating foot pain.…

Top 10 Easy And Tasty Ways To Sneak Vegetables Into Your Children’s Food

Children love to play games, and you can buy different toys for your kids from Doodle buckets.  However, most of the children engage in playing games rather than eating. Children behavior are peculiar, and they often try to be specific in eating avoiding many items in their meals.  They are very particular about their meals, and when we serve them with the other things, they will eat only they like and leave the other veggies on the plate itself.  Most of the children are a picky eater, and they avoid the other items in their dish.

Are you a struggling mom of these picky eaters?

Do you want your child to be healthy and robust?

Do you think about the ways to sneak out the vegetables into your children’s food?

Here are the few dishes for you to ponder;

•    Veg Pizzas prepared at home is the natural and tasty food.  Your children will love to eat when you cook the pizza base with the wheat dough stuffed with vegetables on the top.  If your child likes cheese, sprinkle the grated cheese on the top and serve it.

•    Macaroni with cheese is also one among the tasty food where you can add few veggies along with macaroni.

•    Prepare a Veggie Pasta for your child.  It is one of the best ways to make your child to eat the veggie he will never touch on his plate.

•    Make a veggie smoothie like carrot, avocado, spinach etc.and make a combination of fruit and a vegetable smoothie to give a different taste and flavor.

•    Try to explore new recipe by adding vegetables, different flavors like ginger garlic paste to the noodles.  Noodles are one of the favorite food for most of the children.  You can add a few vegetables like grated carrot, beans to the noodles so that they will eat those vegetables too.

•    Mix any plant with the mashed potato and make a veg ball fry.  It is one of the excellent snacks for your child.

•    If your child likes pancakes, prepare a veggie pancake for your child with different vegetable each time.

•    You can make a veg burger of your choice and your child love to eat it.

•    Egg omelet is the best medium to stuff some veggies.  Try it in different ways and flavors.

•    Veg sandwiches along with grated cheese and food are also one of the ways to make your child fall in love with veggies.…